Thursday, February 08, 2007

Visiting the bank

So we were in the bank. We'd brought along a portable DVD player to distract Tom and he'd settled down on the floor to watch 'Cars' for the 52nd time, occasionally kicking the bank advisor's shins absent-mindledly when things got exciting.

As is fairly typical, particularly when you're fairly confident about what happens next on screen, Tom's mind seemed to wander. On those rare occasions when he watches TV (!!!) he is wont to make thoughtful requests as random desires come over him. Musings in the past have led to 'Chocolate' or 'Cake'. In the bank however, his mind went elsewhere. He stood up, raised his chin slightly in my direction and asked 'Daddy get bogey'.

Something of an icebreaker don't you think? Clearly it would have had more effect (and made a better story) if he'd asked the bank advisor guy to remove said bogey.

What I should have said rather than the slightly middle class 'shh.. not just now'? 'Ask mummy, she's got much longer nails'.

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Cloggy said...

Ah brilliant,

Love to read your posts. Haven't been here for a while, so it took a while to catch up.

And if you ever find a cure for tantrums.... apart from removing mommy and daddy from the equation... make sure you patent it..!!

C U later