Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tom's new bed

We took delivery of Tom's new bed last weekend. It lay in pieces on the landing all week - plenty long enough for Tom to identify that it bore more than a passing resemblance to a racing car and that it needed making and soon.

The morning and evening discussions this week have all featured Tom's express wish that 'Daddy make the racing car soon'. By Thursday Tom had added the impatient exhortation 'Come on daddy!'

I screwed it all together on Friday and the duvet cover that arrived midweek provided the finishing touch. The video below shows Tom's reaction to the discovery of the bed.

Tom's New Bed on Vimeo

We didn't hear from him at all this morning - about 9am we decided that we ought to see if he had any intention of getting up. To say he was happy to go to bed this evening is taking understatements about as far as they dare go.

A successful transition to a bed? I think so.


Jennifer said...

I couldn't make out any of the conversation, of course, but I have to admit that I grinned like a possum the whole time, watching the little darling go wild over his new bed!! What an adorable smile!! He looks absolutely thrilled!!!
If only every parents' transition to the bed was as smooth!! COngrats! :)

John said...

Great video, Jason (and Tom!). I am not sure which is the fastest learning and development here: Tom's growing up or Jason's learning new technology - grin.

Jason said...

Thanks guys. Jennifer - I will do what I can to improve the accessibility of the clips. I need to explore the software a little more!