Monday, May 12, 2008

Beyond Boundaries: Across the Andes

If you have access to the BBC don't miss Beyond Boundaries: Across the Andes. The first part aired last Friday evening and is still available via iPlayer - for the next 4 days at least (I don't think you can view this in the US unfortunately). There are three more episodes to come.

The programme follows ten disabled young people as they enjoy/endure a month-long trek across Ecuador. It is some mighty powerful TV - heroic endeavour mixed with very real displays of youthful frustration in circumstances that would test the most able bodied.

There are three deaf people in the group including Jeremy, a cochlear implant user from not so many miles from here. Towards the end of the first episode, the very real difficulties they experienced while working within a team were well portrayed and contrasted powerfully with the more obvious problems being overcome by the amputees and wheelchair bound.

Prime time cochlear implants - who'd have thought.