Thursday, February 15, 2007

Garry Tractor

Yesterday evening I stood Tom on the front windowsill to watch Mummy drive away.

'Mummy won't be long. She's going to see the chiropractor' I said, by way of explanation.

Pause. Thoughtful gaze out of the window.

'There's a bus!!' Tom shrieked excitedly.

More thoughtful pausing.

'Mummy gone to see Garry Tractor. In the field!'

The obsession with all things vehicular runs deep. I love the fact that he doesn't question why Mummy would be going to a field at 6pm to see a tractor. That's what he would do if we'd only let him out of the darned house!


Laurie said...

Too funny! Maybe Tom will end up being an engineer some day! He is definitely ALL BOY! Hope Mummy feels better after *Garry Tractor* fixes her up!

Isaac's Mom said...

Ah yes....anything with wheels is a big hit with us too. Sounds like Tom and Isaac would get along really well.