Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Benjamin's back. Benjamin was being a bit silly because he didn't have a stick but Reuben didn't have one. My friend Felix took this photo.

This is me and my friend Felix after enjoy-a-ball. Felix is funny. He was nudging my head around.

Today we played tennis at enjoy-a-ball.

From Tom

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hideout school

This is the hideout that LEO made on his own and its a superhero hideout and it was made specially for Captain America and we were hoping he would come to kindergarten to use the hideout.

Leo is one of my friends at school.

Jedi star battle

Hello - I'm Tom and this is not my daddy's blog any more. I've taken over! I'm going to try and take a picture every day and put it up here. Daddy does something called blipfoto and I thought I'd like to do it too. They said I couldn't do it until I was 13 which didn't make me very happy so Daddy said i should take over here!

This is my first picture of the day and I thought it was going to go onto blip but I couldn't! I really don't like the people who run the internet!