Monday, February 26, 2007

Men and Motors

Tom and Nik found themselves in the magazine aisle of one of our local supermarkets over the weekend. He was offered a choice of comics as a treat for being just so darn cute. His Mum tried to steer him to this:

He was having none of it - and, frankly, I can see why. Justin and Sarah-Jane have always made me nervous while Stephanie... she's just a little too fast for my liking.

So after a little tooing and frowing he came home with this highly commendable pre-school reading:
It wasn't his first choice mind; he had his eyes set on something far more glossy from the high end of the automotive press range.

I'm thinking - forget saving for college fees; what our boy needs is a downpayment on a lockup under some disused railway arches and he'll be set for life. The motor trade for you son (pronounced 'saaaaan' in my best East End) - do your learning in the university of life.

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Anand said...

I got here from my friend Pratheesh's blog

I saw that Nicky had left a comment on his blog for the website that simulates the CI sounds. Unfortunately my friend copied the wrong link. Here is the correct link (keep hitting NEXT on that page):


You might also find this short piece of documentary interesting and perhaps useful:

Scientific American Frontiers

The above link would take you to a page and the segment on CI is 3rd in the list.