Monday, October 13, 2008

A little story I should've shared

So my parents, Gypsy Pete and Diamond Lil, came to Edinburgh for their inaugural visit this past weekend. Tom was keen to show them his Edinburgh - the city of open-top bus tours, Arthur's Seat and his favourite museum - and we all had a great, and exhausting, time.

One evening, over dinner, Nik and I shared an anecdote about Tom and I was (lightly) reprimanded about the story's absence from the blog. Parents are allowed to do that (so long as its 'lightly' of course).

So here is the story.

One Sunday morning Tom and I were preparing to head out to the park.

'Now Tom, I want you to eat your breakfast before we go.'
'But I'm not hungry.'
'I'm not taking a bag with me so there won't be any snacks at the park.'
'I'm not hungry'
'I don't want you saying you're hungry as soon as we get there.'
'I won't...'
'Now are you sure...' - round and round a few times...

So we get to the park...and within five minutes
'Daddy...I'm hungry'
'But I asked you to eat your breakfast... I said that I wouldn't have a snack for you...'
'Daddy can we talk about the childcatcher?'
'But I told you that you had to have your breakfast'
'What do you want to say about the childcatcher?'

Needless to say I had also brought the snacks.