Friday, January 11, 2008

Weekend Movie Double Header!

Have I got a treat for you this weekend! Treat it as my humble attempt to make amends for the recent paucity of entries.

The first video is a 'little chat' I had with Tom the evening after his first session at nursery. I am competing for his attention with a pack of Snack-a-Jacks ('a sane snack in a mad world!' - no, really) and probably come off second best.

There's this whole discussion that comes up about having his photo taken at school. I think Tom has ignored the question and is making a slightly off the wall suggestion. It turns out he did have his picture taken at school...

Interview about nursery school from Jason B on Vimeo.

The second, and far more interesting, video is where Tom has taken control of the camera. I love his questions to me (is that how I sound? - the teacher from Peanuts sounds positively eloquent in comparison), his focus on his 'car' and his giggles. They get ya every time...

The birth of an auteur from Jason B on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you for these! What a wonderful way to start the weekend. My favorite is when you ask if he has friends at school, when he replies "yes, I have". Not only does he have very articulate (and adorable) speech, he's also just got great language!

Glad to hear that the first day at nursery school went well! It seems to have met his expectations!

(and you've inspired me to get some videos recorded)

John said...

Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for both videos. Can an application to Arts Council be far behind?