Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The unfortunate impact of 60s musicals

I mentioned the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang obsession didn't I? It has coincided with Tom's increasingly imaginative and witty approaches to acting out what he sees on DVDs and in books. This evening, the sophisticated routine he has created for the theme song - toy steering wheel on pushalong bike while driving in circles mouthing the lyrics - was preceded by a vibrant, energetic interpretation of Dick van Dyke's finest three minutes. Tom's performance was subtly enhanced by the fact that he performed the number dressed only in his vest, processor harness and Nicky's lilac beret.

Luckily for his future mental stability and dignity I did not have a video camera to hand at the time. It didn't take much to persuade him to perform an encore however...

The Old Bamboo from Jason B on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Nice little Jig Tom! Those feet were made for dancing ;-)

I love the solicitation for praise at the end of the routine, looks pretty familiar!

John said...

Lovely. Any chance he could watch Mary Poppins and do his D van Dyke immitations from that?