Thursday, January 03, 2008

A brief introduction to Christmas

This is Tom's brief Christmas interview. A few things to note that might help with understanding:
  • We were at Granny's house
  • Annabel had a metre-tall internally lit model Santa in her garden. We went to see it on Christmas Eve and I 'did' Santa's voice while Tom checked that he'd got his order right. I wasn't out of sight of and did nothing to hide my mouth... Tom seemed pretty convinced.
  • Tom got lots of other things as well as the garage and the mini however he'd had to stop unwrapping pretty early in proceedings. He announced he had a tummy ache and went for a quiet story on his uncle's lap. It may have been the excitement. Then again, it might have been the heady cocktail of chocolate and sweets for breakfast.

Tom explains Xmas from Jason B on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Precious! Thanks for sharing! I love how he is upside down and not able to see you, yet totally hanging in with the conversation and able to understand every word. Do you attribute that to having bilateral imlants? I think that would have been much more difficult for him with just one implant.

He's such a doll. Happy 2008 to you Jason, Tom, and Nik!!

John said...

Lovely, thanks. But what happened about the garage - did he recognise it from before Xmas when it was Uncle Dave's? Or did he wisely pretend he didn't recognise it?

Jason said...

Funny - he hasn't said a thing about the reappearing garage... and considering it was the most important thing in the world for a month he's pretty much ignored it since Christmas.

and Hetha -
As for attributing it to bilaterals - I'm sure it certainly helps. The AV has been really important too - he has become a fabulous listener.

Drew's Mom said...

I don't know which was funnier - the fact that he thought Mom was grumpy (when she wasn't even there!) or that he made the car fly with fire. I just love kids. Great video!

Val said...

how cute! love your accents too! I love that he answers you w/out watching you speak, he's a trained listener!!!