Monday, December 03, 2007

Big Days

I think I'm a blog refuser. It got to the point where, just like with thank you notes after Christmas, it had been so long that it was almost ruder to post than not. For any of you who haven't become disenchanted with the lack of action in these parts, thank-you for hanging in there. I got caught up with the day job... still am in fact but I'm experimenting with multi-tasking. Not sure if I'm going to be any good at it but I'll give it a shot.

The big event of the weekend, in the star-struck eyes of Tom in particular, was the all-to-brief visitation of 'Uncle Bungle Dave'. Nik's brother has near-mythical status, enhanced by long distance and, ever-so-slightly-enviously, rarity value. Here are a few key indicators of the extent of the affection, through the mouth of the little one...

'Uncle Bungle's Train!!! Uncle Bungle's Train!!!... Hide!! Hide!!'

'Dave is a funny man!! Dave is a funny man!!'

'I want to wee with Dave.. I have to' (there follows 5-minute meltdown until Dave concedes and 'pretends')

'Who's reading your story tonight?' 'Dave!! Not Daddy (a little too emphatically)'

'Can Dave sleep with me tonight?'

You have to rely on your inner strength when you're a daddy don't you? I thought I could expect a longer period of grace as the unassailable favourite but my stock has fallen.

So soon, so soon.


Anonymous said...

We've got our own "Dave" and her name is Misha. The little man just lights up whenever she's around.

I finally found google reader, so you can take as much time as you need between posts and I'll still be here. But don't take too long, we readers need our Tom fix now and then.

And that pic is fantastic! He's got daddy's hair!

Anonymous said...

Or is that a pic of Dave?

Jason said...

Yup - that's Dave. And he's no stranger to hair dye, let me tell you. Seeing that picture makes me realise that he's copying Tom's hair colour! The obsession is mutual.

Anonymous said...

LOL! They definitely look related!