Tuesday, November 06, 2007

TV time again

For those of you in the East Midlands area of England (as defined by those fine folk at the BBC) Tom and I will be making an appearance on your TV screens tonight.

East Midlands Today runs from 6.30pm and Tom was looking, and being, so darn cute that I wouldn't be surprised if the whole show wasn't just an endless loop of him. I understand that owners of the finer satellite systems can choose which region they watch and the show is available on the internet for 24 hours after broadcast. It'll probably be somewhere around here.


You'll have to take it from me that there were lots of cute shots of Tom bothering the cameraman and ramming his legs with a toy car... ah well...

You've got until around 6.30-7pm GMT on Wednesday 7th to see my insightful contribution to the national debate on bilateral cochlear implants - as I thought, its available on the BBC East Midlands Today webpage - it even has it's own link 'Fight for cochlear implants'.

The main thrust of the story is, as it should be, Mike Batt and his family. Mike was the first child to be implanted in the UK - back in 1989 before the NHS would fund and in the face of much opposition from the deaf community. He's got his first class honours degree and is off making his contribution to the national coffers - paying the state back for... oh.

You'll have to take it from me that I said lots of erudite things that didn't make the cut - powerful arguments exposing the ridiculousness of the funding lottery etc. etc. You might be able to imagine how much I spewed forth (if you've delved into these pages at all). I also said a number of things that, out of context, might not hold much water so I'm kind of glad they didn't get out...

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