Monday, May 14, 2007

Tom can...

We're in the midst of potty training. Lots of positive reinforcement is going Tom's way; cheers and stickers whenever a performance is made (sometimes while silently gagging - we really need to look at what we're feeding him) while a soothing, blame-free 'Oh dear' greets the accidents. This has led to a number of words being added to his vocabulary including the sing-song 'never mind...' that accompanies Nik discovering pants full of poop and 'Tom-tom PUMPED!' (a phrase that fully deserves its resounding triumphalism).

So, while watching my son's gait transform from padded waddle to snake-hipped jaunt. I had one of those disappearing childhood sensationss. I began to ponder on all the things that Tom is nailing at the moment and it filled me with smiles so I had to share.

  • Tom routinely puts his coils back, giving them a reassuring pat when they're in place.
  • He's pretty adept at putting DVDs in the machine and gets frustrated with the endless trailers.
  • He knows that bogeys, burps and pumps are all hilarious but is not quite the judge of 'context' that he might one day be (hopefully).
  • He knows that riding up front is far, far better than being strapped in the back of the car, no matter which way you dress it up.
  • He knows that watching TV in bed in the morning beats getting dressed and hurrying anywhere...
  • At the weekend, while playing in the garden with Joe-from-next-door, there were times when their running gait looked the same. Tom's balance is improving enormously (thanks Deborah).
Nothing reflective to say about all that really - it's just a joy to watch him grow up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,

I'm starting to wonder how we'll tackle the potty training and will look to you for guidance! I'm waiting for him to start walking independently first. I don't suppose it would hurt to put a potty in the bathroom and introduce him to it, at least get that language rolling.

I am curious, do you think that getting another implant helped Tom's balance?


Laurie said...


My boys are grown up now but I miss the times when they were little. I love reading about Tom and how he is adjusting to his CI's and growing. Enjoy those moments when you can!


Anonymous said...

Tom-Tom: we are so proud of you and the progress you are making!!! We can't wait to see you. Love from Ellis, Rhianna and Ted xxx