Monday, May 21, 2007

Smile, darn it, smile!

I asked Tom to smile for the camera - it looks like he's forcing himself manually doesn't it? Note the sticker chart on the door in the background - that's Tom's 'pee in the potty' reward system. He's being a smart little cookie and he has just about got it. He has become king of the precautionary pee and, at the slightest internal urge, called for the throne... only to produce a teaspoonful.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he is actually trying to increase the size of the smile, so it's as big as possible! It is really cool how much he and E-boy look alike :-)

Jennifer said...

We would provide Skittles (fuit candies about the size of M&M's, in case you don't have them there) upon completion of a potty job. The first day of my now-six-year-old's training she must have peed twenty you say, no more than a teaspoonful each time!! Kids!!
Kiss that adorable face for me...Mr. Tom is quite the charmer!!

IvanC said...

Agreed, he's a right little charmer :) Maria was actually alot easier that we thought, potty training wise. Basically, we plonked her on the potty, and there she went! She did have to advise all and sundry that she was a big girl going to the loo rather than in nappies like babies :)