Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happiness is a Car-shaped cake

On Saturday my parents came over for a barbeque. They brought a cake for Tom because the old man had seen it and couldn't resist. And because they rarely have to deal with the consequences of the sugar rush that follows.

They don't have to buy Tom's affection through the provision of Lightning McQueen-shaped gifts but clearly figure that there's no harm in shoring up their stock once in a while.

Anyway, I couldn't decide which picture best captured the essence of Tom's excitement so I thought I'd leave it to you and see if it drums up a few comments.

And to pre-empt the anticipated questions; yes that is a knife he's brandishing. Mum and Nanny are just out of shot, ready to head off any manic activity...

The mouth was consumed first, then the headlights and then the wheels. The sponge is something of an after thought; Tom is happiest just working through the icing. That's where the biggest buzz is.


Jennifer said...

I love them all!! What an adorable kid!!
Bringing a child an entire cake sounds like something my mother-in-law would do. But I wouldn't be able to refuse my kids, either...the joy of digging into something that yummy and fun should be an unalienable right of childhood!
Give him a smooch from Tennessee...

John said...

It's A. No B, no C, no D. I know, all of the above!

If he were mine, I'd teach him the virtues of sharing, right away, starting with a rear wheel - grin.

Good pictures, among the best we have seen, thanks.

Laurie said...

What an adorable boy with a fantastic cake! The pictures are great! Tom looks like he was getting ready for a great *race*!

Thanks for sharing! He looks like a well adjusted happy little boy!

Shiloh said...

Too cool! "I am Speed!" I can't believe how perfect the cake is. Tom is just adorable. He looks so pleased! I hope you got the giggles on video for future amusement!

Anonymous said...


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