Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Releasing the pressure valve

So I've wandered a little further out into the blogosphere (I'm glad I don't have to say that out loud - I would have to castigate myself mercilessly) following hyperlinks hither and thither. As one might imagine, I've been drawn to experiences not entirely dissimilar to mine. On the other hand, maybe you wouldn't imagine such a thing - I've questioned the sense of it on numerous occasions when the empathetic tears start to fall and my shoulders start to involuntarily shrug along with the sobs. They don't last long, by the way, these involuntary outbursts of emotion. Maybe, in fact, I've subconciously stumbled upon a coping mechanism:

Poignant Blog => Outburst of pent up emotion pertaining to our situation => Feel better and can be strong, paternal type again.

Anyway, the blogs you MUST read:

The Wait and the Wonder - Moreena writes humorously and poignantly about her family's life, particularly the impact of her six year old daughter's congenital liver condition which has led, so far, to two transplants. I've been trying to put my finger on whyMoreena's blog spoke to me; clearly there are obvious parallels - we both have first hand experience of sitting next to comatose offspring and have gained narrowly specialised medical knowledge that would stand us in good stead on Mastermind - but the thing that bit was her depiction and musings on the normal life we strive to lead when the emergencies are behind us, the anxieties have been suppressed and 'everyday' squeezes back in.

The other is My Beloved Monster & Me - the blog of Robert Rummel-Hudson who writes, mostly, about his daughter Schuyler, the Beloved Monster of the story, who has Congenital Bilateral Perisylvian Syndrome (CBPS) , his own dealings with 'the Beedies' (diabetes) and how the two of them, along with Mum occasionally, rub along and face down the challenges. He's blunt in a way that people who've been sledgehammered with a diagnosis like CBPS are allowed to be and he's wickedly funny with it.

Once you've walked in Moreena and Rob's shoes a while, I suspect you may see the world a little differently.


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