Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Celebrating Holidays and the Art of Walking

It's over seven months now since Tom was discharged from hospital. He didn't regain the ability to walk for another month or so.

A couple of days after Christmas we took a walk to see Threave Castle. Tom walked well over a mile on slippery leaves, collected sticks and bounced on the odd farmer's fence. Admittedly, much of the return journey to the car was incentivised by the promise of jelly babies but he was up for the challenge.

He also developed a worryingly defiant urge to grab barbed wire fences which we must nip in the bud.

On New Year's Day at our local park. He climbs short ladders, he goes down slides, he loves his mum... he's a happy, active two year old.


Jennifer said...

Absolutely adorable!!! I've missed pictures of the little man!! :)

GP said...

Super pictures expressing what is so special.

Anonymous said...

lovely, but what happened to the photo of Tom, the tree, the presents and the big grin?