Friday, January 05, 2007

Audiology Update

The 4th January saw Tom's 8 week tuning session for his left (sometimes referred to as 'new' or 'our') implant. Attempts to encourage him into a game whereby he put a brick on a tower every time he heard a sound didn't quite work as intended with Tom intent on adding as many bricks as possible before the urge to destroy overwhelmed him.

An even greater challenge for the audiologists (Sue and Tracey - we've had to change because of our odd publicly/privately funded state) was identifying a quiet period long enough to play a sound in and judge Tom's response. He was far too busy demanding cars from Tracey and explaining their movements to spend any time paying attention. He's two you see.

My assumption that the session was something of a washout was dispelled by the team who were more than satisfied with Tom's progress. He's hearing at below 40db across the frequency range which, if my interpretation of such things is correct, is the equivalent of a mild/moderate hearing loss. Given that his right ear has been implanted and switched on slightly longer, and definitely his 'good ear' still, I would have to declare myself supremely satisfied with progress thus far.

Equally pleasing in many ways was Tom's behaviour during the testing. He is now comfortable enought to let his inquisitive nature come to the fore. Rather than cling to me, Tom wandered off into the 'control booth' to check on Tracey's progress with his processor - we had persuaded him that she had to borrow it so she could 'fix it' - and ascertain the whereabouts of the Postman Pat van Tracey had claimed was 'lost' (he found it - he has a gift that way). He also let Tracey replace his coil when it detached - a major step foward in the 'personal space' stakes.

Nik had read somewhere that it took at least six months to get over meningitis. It seems that may be the case - he's growing more confident, happier around new people and darned cheeky with it. He's currently experimenting with how far a charming grin will get him and it has become his first line of defence when challenged on naughty behaviour. We're getting very good at stifling our own giggles.

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