Monday, October 09, 2006

Switch On Part Two

We've just received notification - Tom's second implant is due for switch on this Thursday and Friday, the 12th and 13th (two short spells spread over two days - it's a sensible paediatric thing).

Tomorrow is an important day too - Jennifer over at Happy at Home has her switch on. We'll be thinking of her and hoping that the leaves don't rustle uncomfortably (its a Michael Chorost thing).

A belated mention is also due to another blog friend - Ivan with Hear Again - who is describing his discoveries so eloquently; the voices of his family, music.

We live in incredible times.


Jennifer said...

Ah, leaves! I'll have to go kick some and see if they skitter for me!
Thanks for the good thoughts...I think I'm off to an incredible beginning :)

IvanC said...

You know, I realised how much I *was* hearing when I started hearing leaves skittering on the ground.. I'll never forget that place and time!