Wednesday, October 04, 2006

'Hello Twelve!'

For a few months now I've been counting the stairs as Tom and I climb them. Initially he would have nothing to do with the number four but has finally accepted that its deserving of a place (usually just after three but that's not a given).

Tom appears to be developing a semblance of understanding and seems to follow that there is 'one' and 'more than one', the latter described as 'one-two-three'. As far as the stairs go though, although he happily repeats the numbers as we climb and even says the next in the sequence, I know his grasp of their meaning is not quite there when he cheerfully greets the top step - 'Hello Twelve!'


Laurie said...

How precious! It is so wonderful to see the world through the eyes of a child! I missed all those cute little sayings when our kids were little but I hope to "hear" our grandchildren when we have some some day! Love your stories. . .keep writing!

Cloggy said...

Just want to say that it's a great idea to count the steps... I'm going to do that with Lotte.

Nice blog!