Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Left Implant is Go!!!

Following on from dad and Nik's 'testing' of the new implant, we've been talking to Tom with his left implant only for a few short periods today... and its all working a treat. He responds to his name, repeats certain recognisable words - important things like 'dummy' and 'monkey' - and is seemingly content with just that input rather than the demand for the right implant that we were seeing last week. The confidence this brings in terms of Tom's long-term development is enormous but, even in the short term, the redundancy means that our ever-present fear of processor breakdown or any other malfunction is greatly dissipated.


As for the croaky voice that the wee fella had at the start of the week that we had attributed to his screaming fit? Well it has turned into a full-on sore throat and cold. When he speaks Tom sounds like a 40 a day smoker with a rib-rattling cough to go with it. Does it stop him talking though? Not a chance.

He still had a fair stab at 'chameleon' when reading together tonight. You can see that I'm focussing on useful vocabulary.

We were just pretending...

We had an unusual experience today in Auditory Verbal Therapy. We were developing pretend play with 'Mummy','Daddy' and 'Tom-Tom' figures were going to the park, eating their tea of playdoh potatoes etc. When it came to pretend bedtime and time for the lights to go off Tom burst into tears. I don't think he's quite separated pretend from reality...or was so immersed that he was that Playmobil boy.

Tell me this isn't uncommon...

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