Tuesday, May 30, 2006

5th May 2006 - two weeks in hospital and counting

Tom continues to improve daily. He has started eating and it feels like a huge step along the road towards being a 'well kid' again rather than living on drips and supplements.

He likes to spend all his time on our laps - the nearest equivalent to his 'old level' of activity that he can currently manage. He is still very weak and painfully thin although his neck has strengthened as the week has passed and the site of lunch brings about some serious attempts at sitting up.

After a nervous start on Tom's part, Friday brings real progress with the physiotherapy. We have got to the stage of recovery where Tom can now go off the ward for a little while. This means that we can go down to the physio 'gym' which, to Tom, looks like a playgroup church hall all to himself. The two therapists assess Tom while he gingerly stretches for toys and pushes balls through holes while being supported by me. All this is fed back to Dr W. (consultant neurologist) who is as pleased as we've seen him (and a little surprised if our much discussed assessment is anything to go by).

Outside, spring has arrived with high temperatures. We take the opportunity to take Tom out in a buggy - an event of some significance to us that we've been longing for. After initial, loudly expressed disapproval, Tom sees the point of the buggy as his route to more freedom and embraces it. Suddenly mundane strolls to the hospital newsagents and out into none-too-pretty Lenton take on enormous meaning. Tom smiles and gets excited as we pass through the car park. We could just do laps as far as he's concerned - cars and bikes have lost none of their appeal.

Friday also brings a visit fom Dr. W who has acquired the wonderful habit of cheering us up. The antibiotics are due to end on the 6th which means, hopefully, departure is in sight. A gradual reintegration into our home life is planned with 'day release' and 'sleepovers' to be set up with the transition to ou-patient status carefully crafted. Tom still doesn't seem to be able to hear so tests are arranged with the appropraite services. Somehow, in the scheme of things, this is of little concern to us although I suspect this will change pretty soon...

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