Tuesday, May 30, 2006

30th May - back to work

Normality is creeping back into our lives as return to my desk and try and recall what I do for a living. I listen to Nik and Tom laughing, and occasionally crying, downstairs and yearn to join them.

We've had the acoustic hearing aids for nearly a week and Tom has had them in his ears for all of ten seconds. Any tips on getting toddlers to wear hearing aids greatly appreciated. I've wandered round in them, they have cute elephant stickers on them now and they've been left sitting on the couch to encourage 'familiarisation'. He doesn't yell when we put them in now - probably because he knows how quickly they can be taken out.

With Tom's temperature and virus a fading memory, the reasons to fret are thinning out. He still can't walk unaided although he only needs to hold one hand now and can see the usefulness of crawling which means he's more independent. Tomorrow is the MRI scan on Tom's cochlea to measure the extent of ossification - I'm actually more concerned about his reaction to not eating all morning than any fears about the scan itself or the anaesthetic. Too much time around such things makes you a little blase; its the realities of a fussy toddler that matter more.

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