Tuesday, May 30, 2006

13th May 2006 - another week passes

Another week passes as in-patients at QMC. Time seems to have arrested in here with visitors occasionally bringing news of the world outside. We have all become institutionalised and, aware of this, the hospital has started the gentle process of expelling us. We have been out on day release and have spent a gloriously sunny afternoon watching Tom drive his car round our garden.

Nervous and scared of tempting fate, we have to acknowledge that Tom has made enormous progress. In five days of physio Tom has progressed from barely being able to support his head to sitting upright on his own (albeit slightly wobbly at times) and successful use of 'paddle' style ride on toys. To say its incredible and moving are criminal understatements; it has been like watching his first year of motor development revisited on fast forward and condensed into a week.

Alongside this increased activity, Tom has let free his cheekiness too; smiling, eyebrow raising, commanding grandparents to tickle each other and perform his every whim. There is no doubt that our little boy is back and the joy we feel is palpable.

This is, of course, tempered by the confirmation on Wednesday that Tom has significant, if not profound, hearing loss. The process of its assessment an management has begun. Ear moulds have been taken (despite some furious objections from the subject), referrals to various professionals made and literature shared. Cochlear implants are a possible route which, if suitable, could have a huge impact. We continue, as ever, to hope. It's getting a little easier to do that now.

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