Friday, March 13, 2009

Still here - and a little too grown up

'Humpty-dumpty... had a little dumpty...'

'This is Humpty-dumpty number two daddy!'

'Who taught you that Tom?' (chuckling through a mouthful of noodles)...

'Shush daddy... listen!'

'Humpty-dumpty...had a little dumpty...I'm going to go and teach mummy'

There have been so many hilarious anecdotes that I've missed - so many impressive milestones. Tom is thriving in his Steiner school. He and Nik have at least two playdates a week it seems and I hear all about all his pals and... well, suffice it to say, Tom is firmly established in Edinburgh.

And we're content too - except would the **** who stole my bike please return it. City life.

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear it, well not the part about your bike obviously. One day I hope to hear a thing or two from Tom in person. We'll see....