Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm at work waaay too early this morning - the cleaners were still here. This led me to miss a rather funny 'Tomism' that Nik has just called to regale.

Tom came wandering out of the lounge with a pair of socks that he'd left on the coffee table last night (he likes to leave his socks in prominent places - a trait he shares with me) and announced that he was going to throw them away.

'Why Tom?'

'Because they're too small'

'Oh, OK well why don't we put them in the wash? Hazel (small granddaughter of a good friend) loves the Night Garden and we can pass them on to her once they're clean can't we?'

'Oh....errrr....' - Tom pondered and then came clean - 'they're really wet. I spilled my juice and cleaned it up with the socks.'

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