Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hello again...

I've thought about posting so often over the last month but events have always moved on and the moment has been lost. There have been holidays and trips that I intended to share...

This one actually dates back to an Easter trip to Grandpa and Savta. Grandpa and Tom were bestest buddies for a week. Grandpa has 'holiday cars' - you can only begin to grasp just how exciting that is.

There has been another trip or two too - hasn't it been a long time? Or are we just having too many holidays?

Tom gave my mum a run out on the beaches of Normandy.

It hasn't all been excitement and play. Well actually, it just about has as far as Tom is concerned but there was one sad day in late April. My somewhat neglected but kind of loved car failed its annual MOT test in dramatic and expensive style. This photo is from the drawn out goodbye ceremony and endless run of 'last plays in daddy's car'.

He has since told everyone about how daddy's car went to the garage and didn't come back. I thought he might pine a little but he shows no outward signs of grief. I think his passion for 'the-car-that-flies' has seen him through. It's not as if the obsession needed any encouragement but Nik's aunt, uncle and cousin did it anyway and took us all to see the stage version which is currently touring the UK. Given Tom's tendency for role play and completion immersion in character, it won't surprise you to know that he went to the theatre dressed as Caractacus Potts.

He has told his teachers once or twice that that's his name.

So that's the story of the last month or so... one of car-obsessed, carbon-footprint creating travel and revelry. Tom has adapted to nursery extremely well and - whisper it - he already seems to be at a place where he doesn't need any additional support. That's not to say it isn't on offer or hovering in the wings but we've had the sort of conversation with educational professionals that starts 'I realise that I don't treat Tom any differently to any other child...' and 'I have never had a deaf child that I've thought could do this well...'.

Things are going well... so its time to shake things up.

We put our house up for sale in the same week that the run on Northern Rock began. Not the finest or most astute piece of timing but, hey, when you've gotta go...

Nine months and several price drops later it has sold and we're now a couple of weeks away from moving. Boxes are piling up, lists have been compiled and plans made. By the end of June we'll be living in Edinburgh and starting a whole new chapter. Tom's needs have been at the forefront of our minds throughout the process and, now I'm back in the blogwriting groove, I'll explain a little more.

Next time.


Cloggy said...
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Cloggy said...

Always great to read your updates on Tom.. and you..

Looking forward to more explanation.

Anonymous said...

Parallel lives indeed!
That last picture nearly killed me! I would love to hear that sweet little voice telling his teachers that his name is Caractacus Potts!

Best wishes on the move. Looking forward to hearing more about everything.

John said...

Great to have the news of the Tom Tour 2008 Part One! I had assumed no news was good news as far as Tom was concerned, but it is nice to see the evidence. Edinburgh's gain is the loss of the place you leave behind, best wishes and Keep Posting!