Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Father's day morning - I got up a few minutes ahead of Tom and was checking email when he emerged from his room.

A split second of confusion - he's not used to either of us beating him to be first up - before he said 'I will go back and get the card in just a second'... (he and Nik had stowed my Father's Day card under his pillow because, obviously, it would be much cuter for him to fetch it out himself and had nothing to do with avoiding being disturbed herself!).

I turned and said 'Go and have a wee-wee'

'I will' came the reply and off he went.

Tom is really comfortable without his 'ears' on first thing in the morning. I think he enjoys the cuddles without the paraphenalia (he uses the Advanced Bionics bodyworn with a single harness holding both processors) and his lipreading is pretty impressive when the context is limited and the routine so well established.

A cute moment to savour.

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tammy said...

Love your site, Tom is such a cutie! Thanks for visiting Aiden's! We like having new friends to stay in touch and share stories with! As I'm reading your blog, I was thinking you were from the U.K.! I feel I can hear your accent as I read ... I love it!

Looking forward to future posts.