Friday, April 20, 2007

Tom's Year

On Sunday it will be a year since Tom was admitted to hospital suffering from pneumococcal meningitis. Although incomparable with that time, this past few weeks has been, understandably, tough for us.

This video is our attempt to show what astonishing progress Tom has made since then. He is walking so well now, tackling steps without help and running everywhere in the way toddlers do. If you see this video through to the end (apologies, it runs to seven minutes or so) you'll see how much he's talking too.

He is our inspiration - nothing will stop this boy.

Tom's Year on Vimeo


Jennifer said...

*sniffle* That was precious from beginning to end. He is a beautiful child, and he has made tremendous progress...I know you're incredibly proud of him!! Give him a smooch for us!!

jamie said...

Hi folks, what a year,what a boy what a family!
It is hard to believe it was a year ago today that tom was admitted to PICU and began his incredible rollercoaster journey. Tom's ups and downs of those first hours and days and now weeks and months and how you guys have coped with them have affected us all. I didn't think it was possible to love someone you have never met but I love that little man of yours and am so proud of what he has achieved with just a little help from the two of you this year.
From a professional point of view Tom has made fantastic progress and you really should be delighted with the hurdles the three of you have overcome while as you rightly say taking on every new challenge with the fabulous dedication and energy you have thus far.
Edele and I read the blog every couple of days. It's great that I get to keep up to date with his medical progress and his hilarious antics at the same time! It has been a reminder to me that the two things are equally important and aren't really seperate at all! Tom has been a real inspiration to me this year (a year of PICU and Peadiatric Neurology/Rehab) reinforcing for me what can be achieved if we can all work together.
I'm sorry I've never left a comment before, it never felt quite right, but I felt I had to today. The blog is fantastic though marginally less fantastic than it's tempromental star!
Please stay positive and be proud of him and yourselves.
PS See you in the summer!

Drew's Mom said...

The video of Tom is amazing! I am so impressed with his language! What an amazing, beautiful little boy you have.

I can't imagine what you have been through. I am sure on one hand it probably seems as though this has been the longest year of your lives, but on the other, you might be wondering how Tom has gotten so big!

Keep the updates on Tom coming - I love reading about his adventures. From your posts I can tell Tom has quite the personality.

Anonymous said...

Just to say how wonderful little Tom is doing. We have a little girl who was 2 at the weekend. She had meningitis last May (2006) and also has bilateral implants (switch on was 1 Nov 2006). Like you guys, it has been a tough year - although the wonderful progress of our children makes it so worthwhile. She can talk now - lots of words are coming which is fantastic (albeit with lots of time spent "AVTing" and getting her to try to talk!)

Tom's progress and speech is truly remarkable. It was wonderful to see him on the video enjoying life to the full. We also go to AVT and have an older child (he is 5) so juggling both to say the least!

Keep blogging - it really is an inspiration to us all.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this was really fun to watch! I cannot believe how much progress he made in such a short time. It was really inspiring for me, and his speech is incredible! Not to mention he was hit with the cute stick in a BIG way!

John said...

Great post, lovely to watch. He has made so much progress this last year and clearly has mastered the technology. (I am talking about Jason and internet video - who did you think I was talking about?).

More seriously, a lovely profile of a lovely boy. He is so lively and witty - are you sure that one of those implants is not a bionic child growth accelerator? It was also a nice touch to include the wider family who have obviously been a real source of strength.

Teresa said...

The video is lovely. I'm becoming such a sentimental old grandmother. It is just unimaginably beautiful to see a well-loved child blossom.


Kauan Tyler's Mom! said...

You are amazing parents, my Gosh, what a beautiful video... beautiful...
Thank YOU so much for sharing that with us!!!
Congratulations for TOM!!!!

All the best,
Isabelle, Kauan, Mel and Carlos!