Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Easy like Sunday Morning...

Here's a little movie Tom and I made the Sunday before last. I'd like to pretend that it's the kind of things we get up to every weekend. It makes me out to be quite the dynamic, funtime dad. Participatory food preparation in the kitchen followed by amusing games.... it's all educational play in our house.

Yeah right.

The closest we get to fancy kitchen action most Sunday mornings is slumping in front of 'Big Cook Little Cook' re-runs. I don't know what got into us that day - a combination of good sleep and those poppy seeds we were chomping on. Rest assured, normal service has since been resumed.

If any of Tom's speech therapists watch this; I really didn't help him out too well with the questioning about the breadmaking did I? Sorry Katherine, Jacqueline and Tanya. I will do better next time.

Sunday Morning Movie on Vimeo


Conchi said...

My name is Conchi. I live in Madrid (Spain). Sorry, I don´t spoken English very well.
Congratulation for your son.
I was born with to profound hearing loss. Since 10 years ago I have a cochlear implant in my right ear. I can hear all (spoken, music, atmospheric noises...). In April, I will be bilaterally implanted.
I love music and I can
play the accordion and piano.

Laurie said...


Thank you for your comment! I, too, enjoy reading about Tom's progress with his CI. He is such a darling little boy - I miss that age! He seems like he is a joy and lots of fun for you and Nikki.

Keep writing!

Charles said...

How do you know which CI is which in the morning, since they don't seem to be colour-coded? (A real CI dad question, eh.)

And why Vimeo? (Techie question.)

Jason said...

Hi Charles

The blue plastic coil covers have animal stickers on them - the left hand one has a leopard (can you see what we did there?) while the right has a monkey.

Only it isn't a leopard...its a tiger but you get the idea.

The processors themselves have stickers on too.

As for Vimeo - it wasn't a techie thing. I saw a Vimeo embed on another site, followed the link and found I really liked the usability, ethos and community feel of Vimeo.

Now I think we need chat about Harmony!