Thursday, March 08, 2007

Seminar Postscript

I wasn't the only parent speaking at the Ear Foundation on Tuesday and, on re-reading my last entry, I feel its important to give them a mention as they, like us, never gave up even when those who support bilateral implantation were saying it was too late.

Tricia Kemp, southern coordinator of CICS spoke passionately and incredibly eloquently about her son who, born deaf, didn't receive his second implant until he was 18 and is benefitting. Aside from the bilateral dimension, Tricia's son's story is particularly thought-provoking. They sought an implant when they weren't offered in the UK and had to travel to Germany in 1991 amid incredibly negative reactions from professionals. We have made some progress in this field then...

Another Mum, Annie Wilson, had brought along a video of her 11 year old explaining for himself how his second implant, carried out only a year or two ago, is helping him. It was very touching and unfortunate that the conference as a whole didn't get to see it. Maybe she'll post it on Vimeo (the thinking person's smut-free alternative to Youtube)?

Tom's story is short and relatively painless compared to some. We never use the word 'lucky' to describe our situation - but on the big scale of unfortunate-stuff-that-happens-too-often, maybe we did OK.


Laurie said...


Is there a website or link where we can read about Tricia's story? Today is Day 13 with two CI's and I will tell you that there is a tremendous difference between one and two CI's. I've worn hearing aids all of my life but have never heard this well! And, this journey is only beginning. . .I will have my second mapping session the day after tomorrow. Hopefully someday bilateral implants will be the norm . . .only time will tell. Keep sharing your stories about Tom. I look forward to them!

Pratheesh said...

Thanks for the Vimeo idea!