Friday, March 16, 2007

Baby's first...

Tom has abruptly entered a period of determined self-sufficiency - but on his terms.

For example - all stages of the toast-making process are preceded and punctuated by a forceful 'Tom-tom do it!' or 'You do it!' (he means 'I' - he has a very individualistic understanding of personal pronouns and uses them liberally and in defiance of common conventions) but when it comes to actually sitting and eating the stuff, the only way its going to be finished before Christmas is if its offered up to his busily chattering mouth.

Getting dressed is another area where Tom is making a bid for autonomy. Its very cute watching him get in a tangle of vest, pyjamas and processor harness - unless its one of those rare occasions when work-at-home dad has to catch a train to the big smoke. He knows... of course he knows.

So yesterday morning, during the daily dress-a-thon, Tom achieved a first which the baby book seems to have missed out of its list of dates to be celebrated - he reattached his magnetic headpiece.

'Tom-tom put your ear on!'

It makes sense to us.

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