Thursday, November 02, 2006

Interesting reading... and a date for your diaries

Over at Lotte Sofie Lotte's dad, who goes by the name of Cloggy, has posted a link to an Advanced Bionics compiled pdf summarising bilateral implant research. A very handy document to take to your appeals...or peruse and marvel at the wonders of modern medicine.

It may also be useful pre-reading for this Twilight lecture due to be given by Professor Quentin Summerfield on 25th January 2007. Hopefully the Ear Foundation will be webcasting it as its subject matter - Challenges to be overcome before cochlear implants can be provided bilaterally in the National Health Service - raised more than a few hairs on my neck.

Not-so-interesting small world facts pertaining to this and putting my interest in context:
  • Prof Summerfield has published the only, as far as I can make out, bilateral cost-effectiveness study in this country (a few years ago, based on adults - I banged on about it back in July)
  • Prof Summerfield's opinion was sought for Tom's bilateral appeal case. He gave an interestingly ambiguous answer that we felt leaned in favour and justified bilaterals for post-meningitic cases but the PCT decided it leant far enough the other way.
  • I was asked to speak at the same conference from the patient/service user perspective. Prior commitments (a mountain covered in snow and lots of vin chaud) prevented it.

I wait with baited breath.

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