Wednesday, June 14, 2006

On the eve of implantation

At 8.30am tomorrow, providing he doesn't pick up some virus in the meantime, Tom will be wheeled into Mr Gibbin's operating theatre and have his cochlear implant fitted. The process should take Mr. G (as I'm sure he is never referred to as) around three hours and he should know, he's done around 300.

If you're interested in what Tom is going to undergo tomorrow, Charles Arthur (a thoroughly nice man in my opinion, based on his blog and a couple of pleasant emails) has written a fine description. As with Charles' baby3, Tom is having the Advanced Bionics device fitted. Its robustness and adaptability suit a busy toddler and the direction their research is going is promising. Of course, we weren't swayed by the promise of a stuffed monkey toy as Tom's post-surgical comforter.

So tomorrow is the big day, he should return home on Friday and, in around four weeks time, the external device is fitted. Then starts the next period of rehabilitation.

So here's a picture of the little guy from the weekend, looking pretty perky considering he has just come through a life-threatening disease.

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