Monday, June 05, 2006

Chocolate and other incentives..

So the hearing aids are finally on and it all came down to chocolate. Two weeks of namby-pamby parenting where we've wandered round the house in them, personalised them with funky elephant stickers (Phonak, I don't know how much user research you did but elephant branding for hearing aids? I remain unconvinced), left them lying around so the boy could 'get used to them' and put them on the rocking horse all to no effect. Withhold chocolate until he complies however.... it's a winner every time.

And I know how much pain we're storing up for ourselves, thank you.

Tom quickly forgot about them as it turned out - the moulds are well fitting so they don't appear to trouble him. He still doesn't appear to be able to hear anything though so the process is really a dress rehearsal for the exterior equipment that would come with an implant.

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