Monday, July 18, 2011


This is my little brother Milo. He was born on Tuesday 12th July. He came home on Friday. He's very cute and I love him very much. He does smell a little bit sometimes though.....................


Jennifer said...

Oh wow!! This is wonderful news, Tom and family! Glad to see posting again, and am so happy for you all on your new addition! Milo is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness! Congratulations!! Tom, you look so happy!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom
Thank you very much for showing us these photos of Milo. He looks like he will be a lovely little brother and I'm sure he is very happy and very lucky to have you for a big brother. We send lots of love to the Broekhuizen brothers and their mummy and daddy.
xxxxxxxx From Auntie Olna and Uncle Ian

Inga said...

Hi Tom,

Great photos!
Milo is cute...because he looks like you!
We will need to get together to have some chats about little brothers ...I know what you mean about them smelling a little bit sometimes! He he he!

Love Ingey-Pingey x

Anonymous said...

You and your brother are gorgeous, I am a very lucky mummy. xx