Sunday, June 26, 2011

Armed Forces Day Parade

I went to see the parade on the Royal Mile with Grandpa and Savta. Lots of people went by with different uniforms including this band from the RAF - like Papa.


Anonymous said...

They look great and you must have been very high up to take this photo!
Mummy xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Tom. I was very proud to be in the RAF and very pleased that you remembered and thought of me when you saw the Band.
You also look very comfortable asleep and granny does look beautiful in your Mums' hat!!

Lots of love and I hope you have had a good day out with Grandpa?


Anonymous said...

I saw a bit of the parade on tv and wondered if you had been to see it. I am glad you did and that you enjoyed it. They all looked very smart didn't they.

See you soon, lots of love Granny