Monday, April 20, 2009

A couple of things worth reading

I've read a couple of blog posts this morning that seem to summon up my state of mind.

The first is rather bleak - over at the normally upbeat Looky Daddy!

What's the point of drawing your attention to this? Well, because occasionally there is still dark moments when considering what has happened to our beautiful, innocent children. Amidst the frequent celebrations of successes there are still (blessedly infrequent) thoughts that feature the phrase 'why him? why us?'. The cheerful congratulations that accompanied Tom's skiing achievements are tempered, for example, by a fleeting 'this shouldn't be a big deal - this should be normal'. It sucks.

Most of the time I can tell myself that a self-indulgent pity party is not appropriate, particularly after spending a week with a group of families coping brilliantly with the same set of circumstances - or worse. But sometimes the thoughts linger.

I don't think its any coincidence that this has reared its head now - its anniversary time. Three years since Tom contracted meningitis and we wondered whether anything good might happen again.

But of course good things happen all the time.

The second post is by the rarely seen Magic Daddy - father to the wonderful Tom doppelganger Ethan, subject of Ethan's World, and splendidly illustrates the day-to-day, mostly joyful reality of parenting our resilient survivors. Brave, strong kids.

See what a mess of emotions it is?

While I catch you in this delicate state, one of Tom's grandpas is doing something special for The Meningitis Trust this weekend - climbing Ben Nevis with a number of his cronies. He deserves all our support.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that Looky, Daddy post was pretty heavy. I'm with him 100% on the frustration of people in our country saying things like "Socialism" and more recently "Fascism" whenever we talk about taking care of our children's health. It's sickening.

I was so happy to see Rich put up a post and glad you enjoyed it too. He's actually a really skilled writer and I've long wished for his contributions and point of view as there are so few dads out there baring it all. You pointed me to one of my favorites over at Schuyler's Monster and I'm forever an adoring fan of that extraordinary family, as I am yours.