Thursday, December 18, 2008

You can't trust anyone

Today is the last day of Tom's first Steiner term... he's had a great few months and has become much more outgoing, sociable and independent. He will draw without being press ganged and having crayons sellotaped to his hands too - now there's some step!

Very Steiner moments

Tom's first nativity was on Tuesday morning - a 15 minute burst of circle time with singing and led movement. Tom was a shepherd along with a couple of his wee friends (how Scottish are we becoming). I watched his lips mouth a good few lines of the songs and he was right up with the 'shepherds sleeping', 'shepherds dancing round in circles' and 'shepherds wave their hats in the air like crazy Afghans' moments. 'Precious' doesn't begin to describe it. There were a couple of manful stares at the ceiling to abate the tears, that's for sure.

Not so Steiner

The TV has not quite left Tom's life - greatly reduced and restricted but still popular. His imaginary play is a complex mix of movie plots, friends, Ruddington and Edinburgh and travel in between. To illustrate the pervading nature of TV's influence and how we must be marked at school as 'not quite there with the program yet' -

We were having a chat last night and I told Tom that yes, after he had his tea, we would play with his new city.
'Trust me..' I said
'You can't trust anyone' he replied, as quick as a flash.

After a little investigating we discovered that this is one of Kaa's lines from the Jungle Book - amazing us that he'd taken so much in and reminding us that we really must put a cap on that...

7 sleeps - the tension is building.


John said...

Happy Christmas to Tom and his parents. Make sure, Tom, that your parents prepare to celebrate New Years in proper Scottish style. And Burns Night!

Anonymous said...

He's so precious I don't know you stand it. I'd be doing some serious womanful stares at the ceiling as well. Ethan's program at school is tomorrow and they've decided he'll be a sheep, the wondering variety I suppose since he can't stop moving his body.

(Oh and I'm very envious of the Steiner education, though we are really happy with the Montessori program at Ethan's school)

I have to say that when I saw your post in my reader I immediately anticipated seeing the curly haired one, you've got to post more pics!

Happy New Year to you and Nik!