Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh for the love of...

icing sugar...

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James Whale said...

I don't know quite where to start! What a fantastic story! Tom - you are a really amazing little man, and are destined for some pretty great things!

My name is Kate, and i very randomly found your story while doing some research to give background to my petition to our government (we live in New Zealand)
I am petitioning for my son James to have his second cochlear implant funded, as NZ does not fund a second one full stop, and we now owe over $30,000 for James just to hear well.
What really got me was that James contracted pneumococcal meningitis as well, when he was just 26 hours old. It also left him profoundly deaf, though he seems to have avoided all the extra disabilities that the docters said would be his future. He was just four months old when he recieved his implants, and is doing so wonderfully well. It is so wonderful to see pictures and read stories of your beautiful boy and see that James' future looks as wonderfully bright.
Please have a look at james' blog site as well - we are keeping it up to date with our fight as well as all our fundraising. www.jameswhale.blogspot.com

Thanks so much for your blog. It's made a hard road look just a little sunnier. Kate