Wednesday, September 24, 2008

They're filling his head with rubbish!

Tom informed me tonight that old people live in dungarees. We got to the bottom of it after a little probing. Don't worry about the sartorial fate of the older generation in Scotland - it turns out they live in bungalows. Close-ish I think you'd agree.

After a less than happy week or two at his new school, Tom has has a really good day. No half-stifled tears or requests to stay at home - Tom approached the day in Kindy with eagerness and it looks like the day responded in kind. From what we can pick up from his wonderfully fractured description of the day it looks like he had a Good Time.

It would appear that there was a scale model of Arthur's Seat created in the sandpit - partly inspired by his explanation to Dawn, his teacher, that he was wearing his 'Arthur's Seat boots' I presume (there is a side story here about Tom's ascent of said Seat a weekend or two ago which led to the need to purchase boots). It would seem, according to further reports, that a boy named Matthew may or may not have knocked Arthur's Seat over on a number of occasions.

We also learned that drying the pots is Tom's job. He may, over time, learn not to disclose such a level of helpfulness with such eagerness. I hope not - Nik reports he's a particularly thorough cleaner at the moment.

Signs are good...

So here are a few photos - as requested by Hetha. Well, she didn't request a few but it has been a while.

Firstly - the importance of donuts cannot be underestimated. From a birthday trip to Blair Drummond where giraffes and rhinos and stuff were really cool until we found the dodgems and the sweet, life-giving sugary snacks.

And this was on the beach in Gullane - a bright and sunny Scottish day in late summer
And finally, Tom atop the Seat. We headed up there a couple of weekends ago while Nik had a well deserved lie in. I think a few of the sweating, heavy breathing adults who also made the early morning ascent were a little disconcerted to find a 4 year old there before them, munching on a piece of cake.


John said...

Thanks for the pictures and the news. Glad Tom is doing so well.

Anonymous said...

You had me at "life giving" sugary snacks, but then those pics just made my face hurt from grinning so widely. Just looking at him brings so much Joy.