Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mummyless weekend

'Ok - lets show Mummy that you didn't survive on chips, sweets and biscuits all weekend'

'Don't just store in in your mouth - swallow it!'

'And smile... yes, the apple looks good'

'Now show mummy that we miss her terribly'


Jennifer said...

I love the pictures...specially the last one...that little lip is adorable! Y'all have a cute kid!!

Anonymous said...

*heart melting*

I didn't know he had reddish hair? They match the glasses! Now, did he swallow that apple? I know a little guy who likes to bite, chew, and spit the apple :-)

Shiloh said...

Tom is certainly growing up! Ican't believe how much he looks like a little "man"! What a cutie!