Monday, August 13, 2007

Careless talk...

We were discussing Tom's love of lazing around on weekend mornings. Nik and Tom had made it downstairs by about 10. I had been up a little while longer, indulging my passion for masochistic labour by laying floor tiles in the kitchen. We were in agreement that such tendencies on the part of our son were only to be encouraged, untouched as he is by the guilt that seems to afflict me whenever I attempt to laze around.

I made some jokey reference to my Calvinistic attitudes and, somewhere a few feet behind me, a little voice piped up -

"Daddy say 'Hey protestant boy - get up!'"

quickly correcting himself

'Shrek say 'Hey protestant boy - get up!'"

That boy is going to get me into trouble one day.

As I write it has just turned eight on Monday morning. I've been at my desk nearly half an hour (not working, I grant you but the intention is there.) There's no sound from Tom's room. This is usual. Parents of young children, are you feeling the envy?


Jennifer said...

Jason, that's just HILARIOUS...your kid is quite a card, isn't he???
My kids like to sleep late, too, when they don't have school. I'm a night owl, so having to get up early to get them out the door has been rough the past few days...I really got used to sleeping in over the summer! :)
Have fun with the tile...

Drew's Mom said...

Ahhh...I am jelous! 8 AM??? I would just like to make it until 6:30 AM! Drew really enjoys the mornings and I am NOT a morning person.