Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Day at the Office

Tom seized the opportunity the other day and took control of my office. I work from home most of the week and Tom occasionally pops upstairs to consult with me on important matters such as 'which is the best website to watch Lightning McQueen' on and 'which is the best photo of Tom'.

So this video seems to reflect what Tom thinks I do all day. He also always thinks it's grandpa on the phone.

A day at the office from Jason B and Vimeo.


Jennifer said...

There's my sweetie!! He is SUCH a doll!! My kids always loved talking on the phone at that age too :) Give him smooches for us!! :)

John said...

great video. Clear Senior Management potential in the way he dealt with that tripod object. Wonderful, thanks for sharing.

Mom to Toes said...

Wonderful video! He has come a long, long way!

I love the videos.

Anonymous said...

"Why don't you sit on my knee" - priceless cool you got that on video.

I love his sweet little voice!