Friday, June 22, 2007

An important piece of history

Stumbled across a link to this article in the Australian Herald Sun over at the Deaf Blog (who I wish would stop that video kicking off on loading the home page).

A short excerpt:

Holly McDonell is living proof of the difference science can make. The 24-year-old has just graduated with first class honours in law but two decades ago she was the world's first Cochlear implant recipient.

As she celebrated the 20-year anniversary of the breakthrough Aussie invention with the surgeon who made it possible, Ms McDonell reflected on the implant that transformed her world.

"Without the implant I am completely deaf but with it I can hear just as well as everyone else," she said.

This is a technology that is unlocking doors in such an astonishing way. This is the sort of story that fuels parental ambition and that Tom will spend his teenage years wishing his dad had never seen.


DAve & JAnie said...

This is Corrina's mom from the "hear we go blog". thanks for inviting me over to your blog. I have been snooping around, as much as time permits, and am really touched by your stories, thoughts, and reports of progress. I am constantly blown away by the technology available for our children, and as you mentioned the amazing av therapists!
I am happy to read that your son is using bilateral implants. I live in Canada and we are fighting for bilateral to become standard of care, but as of yet we have one (which is amazing, but not enough in my opinion!). Can I add you as a link on my page?

See you around

Anonymous said...

Jason, I hope your son Tom does well with his implant. With the right parental support I'm sure he will do brilliantly. The cochlear implant is a truly wonderful invention, and you made a fantastic decision for him to be implanted.

Best Wishes
Holly McDonell