Sunday, September 24, 2006

'All Done'

In Tom's words, we are 'All done'.

For the bionic ear cognoscenti this interprets as the implantation of a HiRes 90K device has been achieved in Tom's left side with full insertion of the electrode array into his cochlea. Minimal ossification was encountered and surgery was straightforward apart from 'a minor frisson' (surgeon's own words) at the basal turn.

For the rest... well it was the best it could possibly be. Our fears of a wide ranging spectrum of complications and possibilities of poor surgical outcomes that this may lead to have all, thus far, come to nothing.

We are home and, as I write, Tom is enjoying an extended lunchtime nap. He is now bilaterally implanted; one side 'belongs' to the NHS, the other is all bought and paid for thanks to the tear-inducing generosity of family, friends and complete strangers. In lieu of a more extended discourse on kindness and what you all mean to us, thank you.


John said...

Thank YOU, Jason, for sharing this great news. Best wishes.

Jennifer said...

WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled!!! Our prayers have been answered :)

IvanC said...

Oh that's wonderful news Jason! I didn't realise that Tom was having his bilateral now! Well done, I'm so happy for him :)

Rose said...

That's wonderful news Jason. Congratulations to you and Tom!

Mom to Toes said...

Hi! My 14 month old daughter had her first CI surgery on Monday, Sept 25. We are very eagerly awaiting her initial stimulation.

I found your blog through Jennifer's blog. I will be sure to follow Tom's progress, as I suspect we may be following in his footsteps!

Wishing you much luck!

Mom to Toes said...

I want to add that your blog is fantastic. After spending less than 5 min I have found so many links I have not run across on my own!

Thank you!