Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Out in the Blogosphere

I am only really beginning to scratch the surface but there is a large amount of informative, humourous and downright scary stuff around about Cochlear Implant experiences which I have been pointed to or googled across. Thought it might be useful - well tidy at least - to bundle them all up together.

Charles on...anything that comes along is the blog of Charles Arthur, Technology Editor of the Guardian and, as one would expect, he writes fluently about baby3, his profoundly deaf son (amongst a bunch of other stuff as the title suggests). With baby3 having his implant 'switched on' today and Tom tomorrow, there have been some interesting comparisons during our parallel experiences. Looking forward to reading more about baby3 and his passion for singing.

I think it was Charles who directed me to this article about one implant user's Bionic Quest for Bolero - a personal insight into the technological wizardry at work within these CI Corporations and research hospitals and how bright the future could possibly be. Although not strictly a blog (I just liked the title for the entry) Michael Chorost, the author, has his own website where you can read the first chapter of his book, Rebuilt.

A recent discovery is cochbla which is the blog of Josh Swiller, a fast talking (I read his blog and tell me if you think he talks fast), implanted New Yorker who has started getting writing gigs on the back of his blog and this article, Turning Up 'American Idol'.

There are plenty of us out there - here are a couple of other parents eloquently sharing their family's stories:

Jack's Story - intersting from the perspective of bilateral implants and the trend in the US. Must bring that one to the attention of my PCT...

Bionic Boys - an interesting back story and perpsective, particularly with regard to other people's reactions.

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Josh said...

He doesn't talk that fast, but you should see him run.